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Tiled hard floor surfaces can be maintained and enhanced by using Restore and Care plus tile and grout cleaning solutions. Grout is a very porous material that will pick up soil, germs, microbes quickly, thereby making the tile and grout floor area appear old and in disrepair even though the tile is in excellent condition. These surfaces also may accumulate stains and damage from high traffic, mould can grow in damp and humid areas such as entrances, lobbies, bathrooms, showers, food preparation and eating areas, therefore much like your carpeted areas, the tile and grout also require a periodic professional maintenance cleaning.

Restore and care plus is using state of the art equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning products, to bring the tile and grout surfaces to a "look-like-new" condition. By removing the embedded soil, germs, microbes we are eliminating the health and safety concerns of your living space.

Our Tile and Grout cleaning procedure: Pre-Inspection, Area preparation including the removal of dry soil, Pre-spray of a cleaning agent for soil suspension, Agitation using a specially designed brush, Cleaning with a state of the art self-contained pressure cleaning and extraction system, Rinsing with a rinse solution, to sanitize and balance the PH of your floor, Speed drying using high velocity air movers to allow you to use the room within 1-2 hours, Post-Inspection.  


The history book would tell us that, rugs and carpet were known to the Egyptians, since as far back as 2500 B.C. That was not the same like the carpet we have today in our households; materials did evolve and did change with science and technology. However, there are some functional values of carpeting, true until today. Carpet: reduces noise - because it presents an acoustical disposal; gives a feeling of warmth - because cold air settles, being havier; provides comfort - because it is a shock absorbant surface; safe - because it provides a  non-slip surface; easier to maintain and at low cost.  

To clean the carpet surfaces Restore and Care plus is using the hot water extraction method. This is one of the three methods referred to as corrective or restorative cleaning. It is used when the carpet soiling has reached an unacceptable level, and requires a deep cleaning washing extraction process, not available by the other methods or equipment. The hot water extraction method is also the most recommended by the carpet manufacturers, for professional cleaning. 

Our Carpet cleaning procedure is following the industry standard for hot water extraction method: Pre-Inspection, Professional pre-vacuum, Clear area of light furniture and protect heavy furniture, Pre and post-spot treatment as required for best results, Spraying with a special cleaning formulated product, Rinse and Extract using our portable hot water extraction equipment that will thoroughly flush the carpet while it sanitizes and deodorizes, Post-groom, Speed dry with air movers, Post-Inspection.

Our Carpet cleaning Technicians - Professionally trained and certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians by IICRC. 

Benefits - hard surface cleaning

Some of the benefits of hard surface cleaning and maintenance:

- eliminates the germs in porous surfaces

-assures healthier living and working spaces

-avoids costly renovation and business downturns

-has a positive impact on the environment, etc.



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